About Us

Echo is a speech and debate club located in the Texas Highland Lakes area. As image-bearers to the God Almighty, we have an immense privilege to point others to the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ through our words. Our mission is to sharpen students’ skills of rhetoric for the purpose of amplifying our effectiveness of this privilege. We echo God’s message of grace through the testimony of honing rhetoric skills, and we do this primarily through the tool of speech and debate competition. Our club’s purpose echoes the NCFCA’s mission: “To challenge and equip ambassadors for Christ to communicate truth with integrity and grace.”

Competition brings out opportunities for growth like no other. We compete under the NCFCA Speech and Debate League, and we whole-heartedly aim for their motto: “Meet your challenge. Grow in grace. Communicate with confidence.” Competition pushes us to confront fears, to choose excellence, and to trust God with results. This environment allows students to personally grow in their faith as well as their skills of reasoning and delivery.


This is what some NCFCA alumni have to say about speech and debate:

“I’ve learned to better analyze, organize, and apply information I gather from others, as well as myself. Speech and debate has benefited me in every aspect of my life!”

- Jennifer Pogson

"If anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a mature man who is also able to control his whole body." (James 3:2) NCFCA taught me to control how I communicated my thoughts, and therefore how I actually thought. Whether it be sharing the Gospel or my latest school research findings, I'm confident that I am prepared to speak in a convincing, understandable, God-honoring way.”

- Zane Gray

Foundational Beliefs, Values, and Regulations

We are a value-driven club. We affirm all the Statement of Faith, Position statements, and values detailed in the NCFCA League Handbook. We also affirm the rules and regulations detailed in the handbook for the purpose of fair competition. All club families will sign their agreement when they affiliate with NCFCA, and our club does not add to these statements.

Member Expectations